Temporary Insurance for Borrowed Car

Borrowing a car is a fun but getting it insured is a pain, if you donít have the right information and the details of the insurer. The UK car laws require the car to be insured for all the drivers who are going to drive the car. In case of a borrowed car, it becomes the responsibility of the car owner or the borrower to get it insured before driving

Daily Insurance

If you ever find that you must borrow a car from a friend or relative or even lend a car to them, daily insurance is the right choice for you. Short term travel or road journeys can be problem free with daily insurance.

Temporary Insurance For Young Drivers

Young drivers are assumed as careless drivers and hence temporary car insurance for young drivers is always considered as costly affair. Especially male young drivers are more likely to cause accidents. This most risky group prone to accidents belongs to the drivers under 21 years.

Short Term Insurance

If you rent a car for a couple of weeks, short term insurance cover seems more sensible and viable than regular cover. Another great benefit is you can protect your no claims bonus by opting for short term insurance when you lend a car to a friend or relative.

Temporary Insurance

Temporary insurance is a form of short term insurance which enables you to insure the protection of your car for a specific duration of time. This could range from 1 day up to 28 days at a one stretch.

Day Insurance

One day insurance is great in case of an emergency or in every day use as well and you'll save a lot of money opting for this type of insurance protection. One day insurance allows you so many benefits.

1 Day Insurance

An option which is growing in popularity in the field of insurance is 1 day insurance. With this option you can secure your car's safety and drive with flexibility for a day in a quick and convenient manner.

Daily Insurance

If you know you that you will be using your car on a single day or a few days then daily insurance is the best option for you. It is the shortest possible insurance which you can purchase for your car.

One Day Insurance

One day insurance is a form of Short term insurance which is quite a popular choice these days. This is a smart quick and easy mode of securing safety of your car for a certain a limited period of time.

Weekly Insurance

Weekly insurance allows you to lend your car without worrying about its security one bit. Most insurance units offer weekly insurance as it falls under the short term can insurance category.

One Day Car Insurance Plans

Do you want to insure your vehicle for a single day or a week?

Are you lending your vehicle for a few days and want cover for it?

Do you want all the information relating to Car Insurance on a single site?

Then you are at the right place. One day car insure is your portal to locate your perfect one day and other short term automobile insurance information. You will get comprehensive information on all topics relating to car insurance. With our rich expertise, we are sure to help you find all that you require

Insuring your car is very important. And it is important that you don't take a chance with your vehicle even if it is for a single day. And that's why one day car insure offers you information on many varieties of short term insurance such as temporary insurance, one day car insurance, daily insurance, weekly insurance, monthly insurance and pay as you go car insurance to cater to your varied needs. You can browse as per your needs and budget, and thus pin point the best suited cover for your specific requirements. Our comprehensive database ensures that you get what you need and every hard earned penny is well spent.

The type fields available here are categorized for varied periods ranging from a single day to a week or even a month. This information is also beneficial to you if any of your friend or a relative has come to your place and would be driving your car for a few days.

This site provides you with valuable and unbiased information on Temporary car insurance products. You can use the information provided here to educate yourself on the need and various benefits of insuring your vehicle and then take an informed decision on choosing and buying the right cover for your vehicle.

There is no dearth of information in this virtual world of the internet. But we get our facts straight and help you choose the best deal – one that will suit your needs. We sieve out the information that will be useful to you and present it to you in a very user friendly format, so that all it takes to know about the various types of cover are a few clicks of the mouse button.

One day car insurance is a form of Short term car insurance which is quite a popular choice these days. This is a smart quick and easy mode of securing safety of your car for a certain a limited period of time.

You could be taking a long day trip or lending your car to a friend or may wish to rent a car for only a specific period of time. It is also a convenient option in case of an emergency arises and you need 
One Day Car Insurance cover immediately.

One of its major pros is that it is highly economical. It's a real money saver as you don't need to pay for the entire year but only for the days that you may think you need to be insured. Why pay for the entire year if you plan on using your car only once in a while? You end up spending money for the days your car is just parked outside your door. This is a great option for those who might not wish to use their car every single day but still keep it on the road.

It provides the same protection that regular car insurance does and is a convenient and low cost alternative. It covers you for instances like vandalism, fire, theft, when someone who doesn't have insurance hits you and some schemes even medically cover you and the driver that you may hit. Its only difference from regular insurance is that it provides protection per day.

There are some factors which might affect your eligibility for this type of insurance. Most insurance companies require you to be above 18 years of age but some may insist of the minimum age being 21 - 25. This can be a huge drawback. They may also refuse to sell you insurance if you have a less than average credit score, a bad driving record or have a history with the law. Some may even have a cut of age for your car. They may not insure cars older than 1993-1994 models.

But all in all it's a great low budget option for car users to get the same benefits as regular insurance especially if they use their car once n a while.

Our site provides you with all the information that you need relating to One Day Car Insurance.

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Be Safe! Drive Well!

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